About Us

About Us

Overtime as we grow, we listen to our customers and yield to their request for an easy more robust way of billing and invoicing for goods and services rendered.

In response, we have developed eCuppro, engineered to create easy access to modern bill paying module which also accommodate the ability to export assets

and liabilities to your accounting system.

eCuppro is a masterful system by eCuppstoresenabling quick overview of outstanding revenue to your company  and keeping track of payments.

Each partner, supplier and seller can now engage with their personal credentials to view and pay their invoices. Users will also be able manage recurring bills and

use outstanding credits.


eCupp Marketplace users can now pursue their trading with full visibility of their business and keep track of income and expenses for easy reporting.

eCupp is a symbol of growing businesses, determining to continue helping others while collaborating to ensure profitability.

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